Dynamic drone photography and video for marketing property and businesses

Marketing your business today is about standing out from the crowd and showcasing aerial views of your property or venue does precisely that.

Our drone and elevated photography solutions takes our cameras to dynamic viewpoints that provide that essential ‘wow factor’ for website homepages, social posts and printed marketing collateral.

Drone photography

Our drone pilots are commercially licensed to provide aerial views showing the scale of properties, land and surrounding area. Drones can also provide top-down views to illustrate a property’s footprint.

The elevated photography solution for built-up locations

Some locations can be tricky or unsuitable for drone operations such urban settings, near roads, crowds or airports. Here we use a ground-based elevated photography system, raising our camera up to 10 metres from the ground. If you need elevated photography in a tricky location get in touch.

Elevated interiors

Elevated views of interior spaces is a effective way of showing the layout and scale of a room.

Don’t let the absence of an elevated viewing platform restrict your marketing – using a professional elevated camera pole we can create viewpoints to suit your requirements.

This image was taken at a wedding venue in Buckinghamshire, where the elevated view helps couples to visualise their walk down the aisle and seating for their guests:

Aerial photography is just part of the complete visual marketing service we provide, including architectural exteriors, beautifully lit and styled interiors and solutions tailored for the property and hospitality industries. Get in touch to find out more including a complimentary on location consultation.

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