aerial photography

Dynamic elevated views designed to catch the eye

Making your business more than just another listing

Whether you have accommodation on AirBnb, a property on Rightmove or listing on Google, you need to get noticed. Elevated views by their very nature provide interesting viewpoints and a premium appearance. All of these combine to help you get noticed by your target audience. 

I use a portable ground-based camera pole to provide high quality elevated or ‘low-aerial’ images in nearly any location.

Elevated view of holiday cottages on the Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Northants border:

Elevated interiors

Elevated views of interior spaces is a effective way of showing the layout and scale of a room.

Don’t let the absence of an elevated viewing platform restrict your marketing – with my elevated camera pole I can create viewpoints to suit your requirements.

This image was taken at a wedding venue in Buckinghamshire, where the elevated view helps couples to visualise their walk down the aisle and seating for their guests:

The aerial photography solution for built-up locations

I can provide low-level aerial images for any location, including urban settings, near roads, crowds or airports, all of which are no-go areas for drones. If you need elevated photography in a tricky location get in touch.

This image of a museum located on a busy high street wouldn’t have been possible using a drone due to the proximity of pedestrians and traffic but it’s no problem for the professional camera pole I use: 

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