Hotel Photography

Harness quality images to boost bookings

Photographs are now more influential than reviews when potential customers are making a hotel choice with 67% saying an image is very important in their choice (source: Forbes). However the use of photography works both ways, as while quality photography boosts bookings, poor quality photography will turn guests away.

If you want to be seen a leading hotel or accommodation venue in London or the South East then you need your photos to convey the quality of your rooms, facilities, pricing and brand. 

Photos that work for your business

Photos of your hotel should be doing more than just showing what your rooms look like.

A hotel photo shoot with Daniel Atkinson Photography goes well beyond that to maximise the benefit to your business:

Match your brand

If you want to be seen as a quality brand then photos need to be of the same high standard as the rest of your marketing or it will create a disconnect with guests

Show your value

Whether you’re a boutique hotel or a budget venue, by showcasing your facilities, your guests will feel they’re getting a great deal by choosing you

Attract more guests

Guests are attracted to hotels with great looking photos. They can picture themselves staying at your hotel that will make them want to book with you.

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