While many of my projects focus on completed buildings and interiors, some tell a longer story of the construction project from an empty shell through to completion.

A beautiful Grade I listed Georgian property in central London is one such story that I’m currently in the midst of capturing.

Imagine such a property and your imagination may instantly conjure up visions of fine interiors, tailored living spaces and bespoke fittings. These are all coming, in time, but the hard work of converting a property to its new specifications must first be completed.

In a striking contrast to expectations of Axminster carpets and sumptuous wallpaper, a property at the ‘shell’ stage is simply that: an empty shell. Walls and flooring are bare, or even missing as the integrity of the existing fittings is assessed and prepared.

The precarious task of photographing a building stripped back to the beams

Yet grand houses still impress when stripped back to such a humble core. Full height Georgian sash windows fill the rooms with an abundance of natural light, which as a photographer makes the property an absolute pleasure to work with. Look closely and captivating details abound from unfeasibly thin stairs to oval rooms and archways.

Sweeping staircases and slender stairs are amongst the period features on display

As the story of this property unfolds over the coming months, my challenge is chart this transformation, appreciating the original character of this prestigious Grade I building while showcasing the new spaces as they emerge.

Daniel Atkinson is an architectural photographer documenting residential and commercial projects in London and the Home Counties.